• Big Swift™️

    • $12.99

    Summary: This bait comes STOCK with Owner ST-56 3X size #4 tipped in sticky trebles and Owner Hyper Wire #3 split rings. 

    Why?: You deserve to purchase baits with already upgraded hooks and components so we did that for you because we all know baits these days almost always need the upgrades. 

    Action: This bait slides side to side with up to a 15 inch glide across the top of the water allowing for optimal time in the strike zone and walk the dog action. 

    Sound: Internally this bait has a steel ball in the very back for long casts and a precise sound. Along with that, we added small steel bb’s to the front most chamber. We did this to ensure a precise sound to target active and ambushing bass. 

    We create for you. So enjoy this bait! 

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