Big Swift™️ / 1 oz / 5 inches



Anglers like you and I all over the nation are frustrated with companies charging too much for baits with hooks and components that need to be upgraded. So, we made these baits with the hooks and components already upgraded at a fair price.  Below you will see what this bait comes STOCK with: 


  • Owner ST-56 Sticky Sharp 3x Size #4 tipped in trebles
  • 5 Inches
  • Owner Hyper Wire split rings size #3
  • Owner oval bill ring size #3
  • Outstanding color schemes
  • Japanese plastic
  • Raised Gill plates 
  • 10 months of design and testing
  • 2 design model modifications 


Based on this, try out the Big Swift. Because we all know that upgraded hooks and split rings catch more fish and lead to less frustration and tournament losses

Action: This bait slides side to side with up to a 15 inch glide across the top of the water allowing for optimal time in the strike zone and walk the dog action. 

Sound: Internally this bait has a tungsten ball in the very back for long casts and a precise sound. Along with that, we added small steel bb’s to the front most chamber. We did this to ensure a precise sound to target active and ambushing bass.